Attandence Policy 

Growing In the Arts expects that all efforts are made to attend weekly acting classes and that families take their commitment seriously. If actors are absent from weekly acting classes, it negatively impacts the team and will affect their role in the performance piece. Our goal is to teach actors the responsibility that comes from maintaining a commitment to a team that shares a common goal. This means that we rely on parents to help us enforce our attendance policy by ensuring that your actor does not let their team down by continued absences.

Black Out Classes

This applies to ALL actors who are registered at Growing In The Arts. The 4 classes leading up to any and all final performances are known as ‘Black Out Classes’ and absolutely can not be missed. Any actors that miss, do so with the understanding that the Director may make modifications to the performance piece to better prepare the cast for success. Missing a Black Out Class may result in an actor not being able to perform in the scheduled show. 

Technical Dress Rehearsals

This applies to ALL actors who are registered at Growing In The Arts. Actors must attend any and all Technical Dress Rehearsals held at the theatre. Actors who do not attend will not perform in the show.

Particicaption Expectations 

We value hard working, positive actors who understand that the TEAM comes before the individual.

          - Actors are expected to attend classes regularly and on time.

    - Actors are encouraged to help to keep our studio as clean and safe as possible!

 - Actors are expected to memorize lines and know all blocking by the deadline set out by the Director.

 - Actors will not be permitted to bring cell phones into the learning space. Please leave your cell phone in the waiting room or don’t bring it at all!

 - Actors are expected to support the student body by attending seasonal theatre performances.

 - Gossip, pettiness, bullying or alienating will not be tolerated. These behaviors are grounds for dismissal from our program.

- Actors must communicate with the Director. If you don’t tell the Director that you’re uncomfortable, facing personal hurdles, injured, hungry,thirsty, have special needs etc. the Director will not know and therefore not be able to help you to achieve to your maximum potential.

- The Director reserves the right to modify scenes/performance pieces as needed, and actors will be expected to support decisions that are deemed as best for the team.

- Our social media policy is as follows: Everyone affiliated with the Growing In The Arts must refrain from posting negative thoughts about the studio,actors, director. It’s simple – we feel that addressing concerns directly, versus on social media, is the only acceptable method.

- Our brand is extremely important to u. Permission to use our logo, name, or GITA-specific words must be obtained from Gita in writing.

Parents Role and Responsibilities

The Parents Role in the studio is simple – support the student body and studio by supporting your actor in a positive manner.

- Support your actor’s commitment to the studio by ensuring they attend weekly acting classes regularly, following our attendance policy and attending theatre performances even if your actor is not in the show.

- Stay in the now by upholding your end of the communication, yes, that means checking THIS website, reading emails and all handouts that may be sent home with your actor!

- Pay all bills in a timely manner. Unfortunately, actors with past-due bills will be asked to sit out of classes and or rehearsals.

- Please help to keep our studio as clean and safe as possible! Tidy up after yourself and your children.

 - Do not send your actor to class if they have been diagnosed with a communicable disease like Head Lice or Pink Eye.

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