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If you require further information with respect to the information listed below, please contact our

Policy Manager Kensey Schuster at



1. Actors are expected to attend regularly and on time. 

  • We reserve the right to alter roles, change lines or remove characters if attendance requirements are not being met. 

  • Attendance is not only an integral part of our journey towards a final performance/product but an extremely important part of our growth and trust as a team on stage. Nobody can have fun when they’re worried about other people not showing up!

2. Actors are expected to notify the director if they are unable to attend classes. 

3. Black Out Dates = Four weeks prior to any stage production where attendance is mandatory.

  • Failure to attend classes/rehearsals during the Black Out period could result in the actor being removed from the production or alterations to their role. 

Performance and Rehearsal Expectations

1. Actors are expected to memorize lines by the deadline set out by the Director. Failure to do so may result in removal or character changes. 

  • There is nothing fun about acting when you’re worried about remembering your lines or if your other cast mates know there’s… memorize your lines so you can have fun and trust each other!

​2. We encourage actors to prioritize communication with the Director and staff! Whether you're uncomfortable, facing personal

    hurdles, injured, or have special needs. Or even if you're hungry, thirsty, tired, maybe your costume is itchy… Please tell us, we         will not be able to help you achieve your full potential if we don't know. 

3. The Director reserves the right to modify scenes/performance pieces as needed, and actors will be expected to support decisions     that are deemed best for the team.   


1. Gossip, pettiness, bullying or alienating will not be tolerated.

2. Racist, homophobic, transphobic and ablest comments/behaviour in studio or online will result in immediate and permanent    

    studio dismissal.

3. Actors who choose to come to the studio in possession of, or under the influence of, or provide others with drugs or alcohol will         result in immediate and permanent studio dismissal. 

4. Bringing weapons of any kind into the studio will result in immediate permanent studio dismissal.


Social Media

1. Students who have been removed from the studio, quit, or have chosen not to return to classes will be removed from all social           media group chats.

  • Instagram is a valuable tool for us to stay in touch and communicate with each class regarding rehearsals, costumes and to further friendships! 

  • Once a member is no longer a participant in said class, they need to be removed for privacy reasons. 

  • We encourage students to add friends online to stay in touch on their own time, but anything affiliated with the studio results in a removal! Please note, it is not personal. 

2. Our social media policy is as follows: Everyone affiliated with Growing In The Arts must refrain from posting negative thoughts           about the studio, actors, director. It’s simple – we feel that addressing concerns directly, verses on social media, is the only               acceptable method. Our brand is extremely important to us. Permission to use our logo, name, or GITA-specific words must be           obtained from Gita in writing.

3. Actors will ask permission before taking photographs of other actors and staff. This goes for posting online as well, always ask         permission!

Parents Role and Responsibilities

1. Support your actor’s commitment to the studio by ensuring they attend weekly acting classes regularly, follow our attendance policy and attend Growing In The Arts theater performances!

2. Pay all bills in a timely manner. Unfortunately, actors with past-due bills will be asked to sit out of classes and or rehearsals.

3. Please email, call, or text if your child will not be in class. Sending messages through other actors in the group is not an accepted form of communication.

4. Stay in the know by regularly checking the website, reading emails and all handouts that may be sent home with your actor!

5. Do not send your actor to class if they have been diagnosed with a communicable disease like Covid 19, Pink Eye, Head Lice etc.

6. Looking to chat/inquire with Gita? Whether you’ve emailed or sent a message via social media, please allow 24 for a response! 

  • Email or Phone is our most desired form of communication. Texting is no longer an option!

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