• Actors are expected to attend classes regularly and on time.

  • Actors are expected to notify the Director if they are unable attend a class.

  • Actors who miss 2 or more classes in a row in Term 3 (March 21 – June 9, 2023), may be removed from classes.

  • Actors are expected to memorize lines and know all blocking by the deadline set out by the Director. Failure to do so may result in removal from the group.

  • The Director reserves the right to modify scenes/performance pieces as needed, and actors will be expected to support decisions that are deemed as best for the entire class.

  • Actors will communicate with the Director if they are uncomfortable, facing personal hurdles, injured, hungry, thirsty, have special needs etc. We want to assist you in managing any challenges that arise and help you to achieve to your maximum potential. 


  • Gossip, pettiness, bullying or alienating will not be tolerated. These behaviors are grounds for dismissal.

  • Actors who choose to come to the studio in possession of, or under the influence of, or provide others with alcohol or illegal drugs will immediately be removed and will not be permitted to return.

  • Actors who choose to bring weapons of any kind into studio will immediately be removed and will not be permitted to return. 



  • Actors who choose to bring cell phones into the learning space will place them in the clear cell phone holder where they will remain for the duration of the class. 

  • Actors will ask permission before taking any photographs of other actors or staff.

  • Actors will ask the permission of all the participants in the photograph before posting it on social media.

  • Students who have been removed from the studio, quit, step away or choose not to return to classes will immediately be removed from all Growing In The Arts social media groups and group chats.

  • All studio group chats created during the 2022/2023 learning season will be deleted on June 10, 2023.

  • Everyone affiliated with Growing In The Arts must refrain from posting negative thoughts about the studio, actors, 

  • director and staff. This will result in immediate dismissal from the studio and legal action may be taken. 

  • Permission to use our logo, name, or GITA-specific words must be obtained from the Director in writing.

Parents Role and Responsibilities

  • Ensure your actor attends acting classes regularly as well as any additional rehearsals that may be required.

  • Check the website, read emails and any handouts that may be sent home with your actor.

  • Email, call or text if your child will not be in class. Sending messages through other actors in the group is not an accepted form of communication.

  • Pay tuition in a timely manner. Actors with past-due tuition will sit out of classes and or rehearsals.