Gita's Girls

GITA’S GIRLS is the only all-female arts program in the Region which provides an essential home for the creation of extraordinary Theatre, Film and Expressive Arts Experiences by GIRLS, about GIRLS…for EVERYONE!

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Alyna F, Annika N, Lara P, Merrin H, Veronika M, Alix R, Charlotte C, Lee P, Reagan S, Morgan E, 

Taylor G, Hazel Y, Hannah F, Kianna W.




The 2020 Spoken Word Squad is proud to be included in Pat The Dog's 

inaugural Performance Festival where we will be performing throughout the Region during the month of March.












The 2020 Spoken Word Squad has been entered into Spoken Word Classes at the 2020 Kiwanis Drama Festival.


Winners of the prestigious Festival Trophy  from the 

Kiwanis Drama Festival for

Outstanding Spoken Word Performance

in 2018 and 2019!