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Spencer Reeve your star will shine on forever in our hearts.

2000 - 2015
Spencer Reeve

It is the very deepest of hearts that I can barely write these words…​


Spencer Reeve came to my acting classes in the fall of 2011 as a fresh- faced aspiring actor who LOVED LOVED LOVED to perform! Energetic, stylish (there was a suit and tie phase), a sarcastic story-teller with sparkly eyes and a charming smile, Spencer made fast friends and was a magnet for all– especially the ladies.​


A brilliant comedian and innately gifted improver Spencer, along the G.I.T.A. Improv Boys (Morgan and Braden) were awarded a First Place Ribbon as well as the Jane Gooderham Award from the 2013 Kiwanis Drama Festival in Stratford for achieving the highest improvisation mark of the festival.

 Spencer made us laugh out loud in the 2012 performance of Super Hero Support Group where he played Meat Ball the son of The Joker. He went on to show off his polished comedic timing in various Monty Python sketches in the 2013 Monty Python Boys Comedy Hour and brought us the unforgettable grumpy old man who refused to eat mushy peas and demanded steak as Walter in the 2014 production of Coup D’etat of Restful Manor.​


 Just when we thought we really knew what Spencer could do, we were totally elated to discover that his talents went far beyond the stage and onto the screen when he originated the role of John Royce in the 2013 Growing In The Arts horror film Mortimer’s Curse.

Growing In The Arts has established the Spencer Reeve Memorial Award to be presented annually to an outstanding male actor who exemplifies a passion for comedy performance and improvisation.

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