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Dear Actors,

Thank you all so very much for coming out to audition for
Bill and Ted's Daughters' Historical Adventure!
 We were incredibly
impressed with the effort and preparation you put into your
performances. The talent
was just fantastic!
If you don't see your name on the cast list below, it does not
mean you did not have a great audition. It may simply mean that
we did not have an appropriate role for you or that we feel you
may need a little more time to grow.
The more skills you discover,
build and apply - the more confidence you will gain. Keep taking

lessons and never, ever, ever give up!

If you do see your name on the cat list below, congr
atulations and welcome to the 2023 cast of Bill & Ted's Daughters' Historical Adventure.  

Have a safe, sunny and relaxing summer!     

Gita, Hannah and Raymond


Based on the 80’s classic movie,

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Directed by Gita.

Co-Directed by Hannah Findlay & Raymond Shellhammer. 

Stage Play written by Gita & Chris Ashley.

Bill & Ted's Daughters' 2023 Cast

Addison G, Brianna F, Cam O, Cameron M, Dayaa S, Ella A,

Emma M, Gabby H, Hailey G, Holly B, Isabel M, Maeve S, Neve K, Noga A,

Owen B, Reagan H, Sadie M, Shirley M, Sofia P and Zoe M.


Merrin Hickey as Rufina                                                                 Portia Curnew as Rufina

Sabrina Hallman as Theodosia Logan (Thea)                             Akina MacDonald as Theadosia Logan (Thea)  

Maia Topalcevic as Wilhemina S. Preston, Esq. (Will)            Sarah McIIravey as Wilhemina S. Preston, Esq. (Will)


We can not wait to make history with you!

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