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Molly, Morgan, and Gita would like to thank all of the young actors who come out to share their tremendous talents with us.


If you do not see your name on the cast list, it doesn't mean that you did not have a great audition. It may simply mean that we just didn't have enough roles to go around or that we feel you just need a little more time to grow.


Continue taking acting classes and never, ever. ever give up!

There's Something About MATILDA


Abigail S

Akina M 

Brady W 

Brandon H 

Campbell S


Charlotte C 

Dominik M 

Ethan D 

Gabriel B 


Isabel M 

Kianna W

Luke F 

Merrin H 

Nolan R 

Parker D 

Portia C 

Taylor G 

Veronika M


Hannah Findlay as MATILDA

Maddy Van Moerkerke as MISS HONEY

Gavin Sibley as MS. TRUNCHBULL

Congratulations. We'll see you on September 7th!